Saturday, January 05, 2013

♥ 29122012 San 21st Birthday bash


Awake 11am :')
Dated XiiaoBu meet earlier for sansan gift prepare on 1pm 
At last, 
12.30pm i still havent bath hahahah.
Lastly, we meet at 3pm =\= 
have our lunch at PepperLunch :D

I ordered Chicken & XiiaoBu ordered Beef!
yummmmms *
Around 4pm. 
We went TWG tea for Macaroooons.
(Y) SanSan's lover :P
 Over budget T.T
Then went to tokyostreet to buy the polaroid's films.
Since we going to wrote our cards w/ our photossss.
Choooosed our card and paper bag at Typo!
And i saw my sister with her boyfie waiting for seat at Snowflake :P
Opsss Luckily they did'nt saw me muahahaha.
Bought a box from Daiso tooo~~
Have to find a place for our gift prepare,
Starbucks and Juiceworks was FULL :/3
Wait around 15minutes. 
Finalllly (Y) 
got a seat at juice works :D
XiiaoBu writing for the card :)))

Hey Hey youyou :))
Love the polaroid picture sososo muchie :)
i so leng (Y) hahahah!!!

XiiaoBu and I :))
Call sansan to fetch us to her house :$
xixiii :)
We reach ngamngam 7pm!!!!!! :D
JenJen, Greeen and WoDeLu reached at same time tooo.
Only we 5 (Y) lols

Camwhored :)) *
First, Third and Fourth meetoto friends i meet :D
#Grapevine #Vodka
My first Alcohol! serious *
cause i hate beer :/
Tried Grapevine x Cranberry
Sour taste x.x
haha. 40% alcohol
seriously i scared i mabuk :P
My DANAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Finally she reached at 9pm :/

My Dear sansan!
Finally you officially 21!
Golden key year :3

our polaroid before back :)
Thanks to WoDeLu fetch me back.
Appreciate alot <3

home sweet home 12am!
Have a nice day with them <3
Hope to see you guys sooon ~ :)

by   XMiin.

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