Saturday, January 05, 2013

♥ 01012013 Happy New Year!


Today is the first day of 2013.
ok continue :3
We send Winnie back to her friend's house.
Then i follow Ryan's car back :/
ChuanXin + Mr Gay was following .__.
Suddently Ryan decided to yumcha.
Then car terus turn to highway ahahhaha
Actually MrGay wanna back home continue his job.
but no choices hahah.
Somemore, he not wearing shoe/slipper came out ._____.
keeeep laughing whole journey!!!!!!
we decided to NSK 24hours market searching slipper.
Tooooooooooooo bad!
Apparel section closed on 12am!
We was like LOL!
then rush to KK mart. hahahah
Luckily got. And MrGay walk inside KK Mart without wearing shoe :/
Laugh till the max. 
the shop assistant was like saw four sakai walk in to the shop 
Finally FOUND :D
RM5.90 slipper lol.
3am+ we drive on highway :/ pass TOL somemore.
went to DesaPetaling.
Only for a little supper :P
ABC Mamak Stall! 

Back to Resort around 4.30am + ._.
Actually MrGay wanna go back. 
Give me tarik back and overnight here hahahah
MrGay. haha
so at last he never go back (Y) haha
then find sleep partner XD
I sleep w/ Jes.
cause i no need sleep with guys.
Actually Jes wanna sleep with Angelos. 
since i inside together like .........
so Angelos sleep living roooms!
and other guys ask me to sleep w/Jes 
Cause they sleep on kayu! hahahah =_=
Cant fall asleeep. So keep chitchat with Jes hahahaha
5am + only fall asleep.
Then 7am i already wake up.
hahahah. i said out my reason to others,
their face was like wanna kill me *troll
Cause the bed + pillow toooooooooooo soft!
hahahahahhahaha 不習慣 :/
the bed + pillow like keeep moving LOL
Jes also cant sleep :X
we decided prepare self and wait guys at living room lo 

Camwhore before wake up :3
So Colddddddddd. 
Whole resort air-cond :3
Qiao Cui face ._____.

After prepare ourselves.
Jes go and kacau Angelos acc go walk outside. 
Left me alone at living room.
6guys and a girl wass SLEEPING .____.
Awwwwwwww I'm sososososo boring.
Wake 阿源 and Joel up around 8am :D
he going to work :3
and his car was stuck by Arron's car!
wake Arron up! hahahah 
Luckily i did'nt kill by him :/
He hate ppl kacau him while sleeping ._.
His sleeeepy face hahahahhahahahaha
keep laughing on this photo 
阿源's car :/
So hurt. 
Arron sleep back =_=
and i keep camwhore on the room.
w/ threee sleeping guy hahaha
btw i keep kacau them.
turn off my silent mode my camera was noisy ._. hahah
then the room was tooo dark for me to camwhore :/
i go and open the window :/ 
hahahahha kacau them ._.
 He is Ryan
Angelos! back from walk w/ Jes
Jes :3
Ryan is awake after my kacau-ness!
left this two gaygaygay! 
keep sleepingggg ._.
Finally they wake up and ready to breakfast :P
4 people going only.
Ryan, ChuanXin, MrGay and Me :3
Ryan drive ChuanXin's car.
and I follow MrGay's car.
First time see this seriously :/
Mayb his gay face security scared of him ? hhahaha
cause we go in no need slip one :P
have our breakfast at a Chinese Restaurant!
thanks MrGay treat me PanMee hahahah
then MrGay back home alone and i follow Ryan and ChuanXin
to KLCC!
around 10am + we reach,
at last, we're late and the stuff we wanna to buy already soldout :/

then we camwhore at klcc park haha
since we already pay for the parking feees!

I love this photo :3
then we rush back resort. 
Actually 12pm wanna check out. 
luckily aunty delay to 1pm checkout :)
we still can slowly packing our bag :P

camwhore before back :3
say byebye to country height!
Next round, 
TimesSquare for movie
CZ 12 :))
Since we all havent watch before.
10 peoples on total!
use my phone to booking :)
First time use my apps since i download the apps so long :)
First time use QR code enter cinema! Excited hahahha,
2.30pm's movie :3
rush rush rush to TimesSquare.
I follow ChuanXin's Car.
3 others follow Arron's Car.
Winnie follow Ryan's Car.
Aunty follow Uncle's Car.
total four cars for a movie. LOL :)
Since ChuanXin was not comfortable,
so we did'nt chat so much in the whole journey ._.
After movie, Arron fetch me back <3
Home Sweet Home 8pm!
After bath, fall asleep 9pm + :X
Had my awesome 0101 <3

by XMiin.

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