Monday, November 04, 2013

♥ Monday Blue

Today should be a normal day for me.  College, then go for movie.
Although the Thor's Hammer keychain sold out everywhere, but still a good day for me.

Accidently someone remind me that my aunt ask me to delete those photos which i posted at Facebook during ChineseNewYear.........

In our memories, your name represent the famous game.
In our memories, you are the happy go lucky guy that not calculative.
In our memories, you are one independent and cheerful person.

There're some photos i took with haogorgor during CNY this year. 

Still remember haogorgor start recover and in a best status yet that timing. 
Still remember he can sit for 2 hours journey back to hometown celebrate CNY with us <3
When he still in ICU. He is brave. 
還記得每當問你OK嗎?你都會回答很 OK

知道嗎  其實你說不痛  我們卻很心疼
知道嗎  其實你說不辛苦  我們卻比你更辛苦  因為我們不能和你一起分擔你的苦 。

明明媽媽說下午才出發的  卻被拉起床提早出門的感覺真的很糟
現在我後悔了 .............
如果我不賴床 ,或許我真的能見你最後一面 。
我很自責 真的 雖然我知道你不會怪我 。
我把所有照片刪了 卻不自覺的會想起你。
你知道嗎  原來插管的你和拔掉管的你 很不一樣真的
插管的你有呼吸 有溫度 會流淚 知道我們在跟你講話
拔罐的你停止了呼吸  身體沒了溫度  還記得最後擁抱你的那一刻  一切都不一樣了。
在你昏迷期間  我一直握著你的手給你鼓勵  還記得你的手很燙 
可是為什麼24小時不到你的手可以那麼冷 冷到我很怕 
真的 ,任何的痛都通不過失去親人的痛 
遲到的那一天 ,我看到外婆的眼淚 
第一次 。 一向在我們面前表現得很堅強的外婆 。
看到她的眼淚 心都碎了 。
如果 那天我沒有賴床 .............. 外婆應該還可以握著你的手跟你說加油 ........
如果 那時的紅綠燈還在亮著綠色  那麼我應該還可以握著你的手跟你分享最近發生的事 ......
你果然很喜歡熱鬧  還記得那天是星期五
因為這樣 星期六大家都可以去看你 
豪哥哥  我真的很想念你 :(
想念你的笑容 ,怎麼會有人在一年之間變化那麼大 ....
想念你的聲音 , 每次去你家過夜 ,你都會叫我 姓咩的人 ........ 
我真的很懷念這句話!!!!如果時間允許 我會讓你繼續這樣叫我的.........
想念你的名字 ,Mario. 還記得每次都會問你 為什麼要叫Mario ... 就因為你喜歡 Mario
記得你在Office做工,第一次的跟自我介紹你還跟他說 You can call me Mario.
這句還真讓我們哭笑不得 .......
在這一年看你慢慢的痊癒 ,我們還打算好FamilyTrip和你一起參與呢。
可惜 ....... 真的很可惜
每次都不敢在家人面前提起你 ,因為會被罵說亂講話 :( 
也對 觸景傷情呢 .... 偶爾翻回手機的照片 ,想刪 卻無從下手
因為這是我們最後的回憶呢 ......
刪照片的同時翻起你的面子書 .......
看完了大家的留言 ,
看到大家留給你的生日留言 ....... 我都看了 但卻沒勇氣祝福 
因為我知道 我寫了 家人就會看到
面子書還留著只屬於你和我的相簿 ........ 
你是我第二個失去的表哥 ,雖然不算常聯絡 ,但也不算不常聯絡
回頭想想 ,你釋懷了  你不需要再痛苦了  你真的很勇敢!
對不起 ,我又哭了 :( 
我很慶幸有你這個表哥  無論如何,你都是我最棒的表哥 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

回憶起豪哥 ...... 就會想起我們輩份之中最大的表哥 ....在我2004年離開的吧 ... 所以記憶不是很深  但是我的腦海卻會出現我們一起相處過的共同畫面 ........
最近好像嚴重了 你的影子和豪哥重疊了 

為什麼兩個表哥都是用最痛的方法離開 ????
18歲的 26歲的 ..... 二阿姨的  三阿姨的 .......
有時真的不敢問 只敢想 .........

所以只能一個人在這邊敲部落 ,然後大喊。
講出來舒服多了 ......... 但是卻不能減少我的思念 </3


by XMiin.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rest in Peace :')

The hardest day ever for me.
Cousin - Mario passed away in the afternoon :'(
Sorry my dear, I cant stop my tears
Keep on repeating those memories on my mind..
I know you really strong! And finally NO more pain for you
Readed all the messenge from your friends, so touching <3

Feel so sorry that i'm late,
I'm late for 5minutes to reach hospital.
If... I woke up earlier ...
If... Dad drive faster ...
If... I answer JingEr's call ...
If... and just only IF ...
Sorry i'm too late and talk with you

I miss your smile, your voice, the way u called me 姓咩的人 ........

Rest in Peace and miss me always please.
I miss you and I love you <3

Phone blogger

Testing xxx
Using the new version blogger on phone! 
Heehee if it really work, will update more bout my life :)

Kays that's all for today.
Goood Night xx

Saturday, January 05, 2013

♥ 01012013 Happy New Year!


Today is the first day of 2013.
ok continue :3
We send Winnie back to her friend's house.
Then i follow Ryan's car back :/
ChuanXin + Mr Gay was following .__.
Suddently Ryan decided to yumcha.
Then car terus turn to highway ahahhaha
Actually MrGay wanna back home continue his job.
but no choices hahah.
Somemore, he not wearing shoe/slipper came out ._____.
keeeep laughing whole journey!!!!!!
we decided to NSK 24hours market searching slipper.
Tooooooooooooo bad!
Apparel section closed on 12am!
We was like LOL!
then rush to KK mart. hahahah
Luckily got. And MrGay walk inside KK Mart without wearing shoe :/
Laugh till the max. 
the shop assistant was like saw four sakai walk in to the shop 
Finally FOUND :D
RM5.90 slipper lol.
3am+ we drive on highway :/ pass TOL somemore.
went to DesaPetaling.
Only for a little supper :P
ABC Mamak Stall! 

Back to Resort around 4.30am + ._.
Actually MrGay wanna go back. 
Give me tarik back and overnight here hahahah
MrGay. haha
so at last he never go back (Y) haha
then find sleep partner XD
I sleep w/ Jes.
cause i no need sleep with guys.
Actually Jes wanna sleep with Angelos. 
since i inside together like .........
so Angelos sleep living roooms!
and other guys ask me to sleep w/Jes 
Cause they sleep on kayu! hahahah =_=
Cant fall asleeep. So keep chitchat with Jes hahahaha
5am + only fall asleep.
Then 7am i already wake up.
hahahah. i said out my reason to others,
their face was like wanna kill me *troll
Cause the bed + pillow toooooooooooo soft!
hahahahahhahaha 不習慣 :/
the bed + pillow like keeep moving LOL
Jes also cant sleep :X
we decided prepare self and wait guys at living room lo 

Camwhore before wake up :3
So Colddddddddd. 
Whole resort air-cond :3
Qiao Cui face ._____.

After prepare ourselves.
Jes go and kacau Angelos acc go walk outside. 
Left me alone at living room.
6guys and a girl wass SLEEPING .____.
Awwwwwwww I'm sososososo boring.
Wake 阿源 and Joel up around 8am :D
he going to work :3
and his car was stuck by Arron's car!
wake Arron up! hahahah 
Luckily i did'nt kill by him :/
He hate ppl kacau him while sleeping ._.
His sleeeepy face hahahahhahahahaha
keep laughing on this photo 
阿源's car :/
So hurt. 
Arron sleep back =_=
and i keep camwhore on the room.
w/ threee sleeping guy hahaha
btw i keep kacau them.
turn off my silent mode my camera was noisy ._. hahah
then the room was tooo dark for me to camwhore :/
i go and open the window :/ 
hahahahha kacau them ._.
 He is Ryan
Angelos! back from walk w/ Jes
Jes :3
Ryan is awake after my kacau-ness!
left this two gaygaygay! 
keep sleepingggg ._.
Finally they wake up and ready to breakfast :P
4 people going only.
Ryan, ChuanXin, MrGay and Me :3
Ryan drive ChuanXin's car.
and I follow MrGay's car.
First time see this seriously :/
Mayb his gay face security scared of him ? hhahaha
cause we go in no need slip one :P
have our breakfast at a Chinese Restaurant!
thanks MrGay treat me PanMee hahahah
then MrGay back home alone and i follow Ryan and ChuanXin
to KLCC!
around 10am + we reach,
at last, we're late and the stuff we wanna to buy already soldout :/

then we camwhore at klcc park haha
since we already pay for the parking feees!

I love this photo :3
then we rush back resort. 
Actually 12pm wanna check out. 
luckily aunty delay to 1pm checkout :)
we still can slowly packing our bag :P

camwhore before back :3
say byebye to country height!
Next round, 
TimesSquare for movie
CZ 12 :))
Since we all havent watch before.
10 peoples on total!
use my phone to booking :)
First time use my apps since i download the apps so long :)
First time use QR code enter cinema! Excited hahahha,
2.30pm's movie :3
rush rush rush to TimesSquare.
I follow ChuanXin's Car.
3 others follow Arron's Car.
Winnie follow Ryan's Car.
Aunty follow Uncle's Car.
total four cars for a movie. LOL :)
Since ChuanXin was not comfortable,
so we did'nt chat so much in the whole journey ._.
After movie, Arron fetch me back <3
Home Sweet Home 8pm!
After bath, fall asleep 9pm + :X
Had my awesome 0101 <3

by XMiin.

♥ 31122012 NewYear Eve


Hi Readersss,
Happy New Year, Happy 2013 to you guys!
I have a awesome celebrations, how bout you all ? :)
Awake around  12pm :P
Preaparing my self for overnight at country height tonight,
Excited to the max.
and my Grandma is coming my house :3
Mum ask me to buy lunch by using the coupon,
since today is the expired date!!
My uncle fetching us :3
Actually his car was under construction
but still can drive.
Suddently his car radio's wiyer was smoking.
ewwwwwww SCARY.
Stopped at Petron and wait for my dad =_=
Went to Seksyen 5 KFC :)
#while waiting.
Reached homie around 2!
i dated Jes 3pm .______.
Text her and told her I'll late.
KFC as my lunch :))
Long time no eat ;x
can you found the mistake? I was LOL + shock while saw it hahaha.
10 chickens eaten by 5 people!
coleslaw + potatos. 
haha. but i dislike fried chicken :/ seriously.
so i only eat one. Left one for my uncle 
LOL since he so pity waiting alone at petron :P
Wait my dad prepare himself.
He send me to WangsaMaju LRT for meet Jes.
Still have to wait for her .___.
Finally she reach :x waited around 10 minutes hahahah
We take LRT to KLCC for high tea!
since we date our driver 5pm :P
White Chocolate Frap + Double Chocolate Frap
w/ Chocolate Cake.
The Cake is tooo sweet for us.
Sudden received a call from unknown. =_=
While I'm paying for beverages.
Yuan Lai is my driver not free on time 
asking another driver fetch us.
Ouch. We fast fast settle our cake ._.
So rush.
Have our beverage at LRT ._.
Take LRT to Sri Petaling Station meeet our driver.
Since we on phone while I'm reach,
he told me have to wait for around 5 minutes.
Then we sit on the waiting area.
Without 1minutes,
i received a message from ChuanXin (my driver:P)
C.X : 還不上車?!
i was like Pelik* face. hahaha.
His car's mirror tooo dark :/
we cant saw him.
Somemore Jes said he driving Waja.
Now he driving Vios ._____.
haha. his new car actually.
Ok, after pick up us.
Have a DriveThru Kfc as ChuanXin's Lunch ._.
Again =_= hahah.
btw, i ate his cheezywedges :P
Then we start our journey to CountryHeight <3

Finally we reached!!
Skip the stupid things before we in the resort!
Really STUPID. hahahaha.
Resort left uncle alone, after he prepare 
He have to back home take some stuff.
Left we three at home :(
Then, we decided walk around CountryHeight :P
Stupid Jes did'nt bring clothes for change :/
Cant swim D;

Keeep on camwhore :P
Back to resort around 7pm. 
ChitChat while waiting for others coming :DD

 It's me :P
 EMO ?

ChuanXin have family dinner have to leave earlier...
Left two pity girl in the resort D:
waiting for our dindin .......

Kinda many Zilian picha :/ ignore me hahahha

Finally my dindin reached!!!!!!!!! :D
happy kid XD
We keep chitchat, camwhore all the time. 
Found a funny appps!  
haha we so pro in answering questions.(Y)
 Aunty Amy :3
Everyyear pay for the resort and invite us to celebrate newyear!
This was the last year she rent it.
Miss CountryHeight.
I was been here two years for NewYear, Forum Gathering......

We trying the new apps. hahahah.
More photo in her Ipad actually. :P
I fall in love with this. Ipad Mini!
Awwwwww. Awesome. 
Keep camwhore all the night.
owned Mr.Gay
his Iphone also let me play 99 :P
other photo at ChuanXin's Camera ***
Check out my facebook! :)
Actually wanna go to TheCurve for countdown,
At last, we decided stay at resort ^^
Finallly  5,4,3,2,1!!!!!
HappyNewYear !!!!!!
Red Wine + hokkaido cake :3 
A simple celebration with full of love <3
LOVE the feeel so much :D
i dunno what happend to me tonight hahahha
Totallly SIAO :DD
They discuss-ing for nxt day going KLCC for C.X mum's stuff
then they keep discuss.
i syok alone there keep shout i wan go x3 :P
After that self agree-ing and said OK ON! 
hahahha they stop and looked back .
Keeeeeeep laughing on that time .____.
around 12.30am. aunty and uncle go back home
Left 6boys and 2 girls here .___.
Camwhore via Lovebooth * Apple Apps. <3
Love that pic so muchhh!!!!

P/s : Uncle bring his doggie from home,
actually doggie was cute but i scared . 
keep shout while doggie running near me . 
alll people was like LOL! haha
What a nice + warm night ! <3

to be continue....

by  XMiin.