Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rest in Peace :')

The hardest day ever for me.
Cousin - Mario passed away in the afternoon :'(
Sorry my dear, I cant stop my tears
Keep on repeating those memories on my mind..
I know you really strong! And finally NO more pain for you
Readed all the messenge from your friends, so touching <3

Feel so sorry that i'm late,
I'm late for 5minutes to reach hospital.
If... I woke up earlier ...
If... Dad drive faster ...
If... I answer JingEr's call ...
If... and just only IF ...
Sorry i'm too late and talk with you

I miss your smile, your voice, the way u called me 姓咩的人 ........

Rest in Peace and miss me always please.
I miss you and I love you <3

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