Thursday, December 27, 2012

♥ Girl's talk


My girls date me to meet longlong time ago,
Finally we freeeeeee on today :')

Meet them @ Alpha Angle, WangsaMaju
since i'm broke in the end of the month =="

After have my brunch at Mcdonald.
Long lost meal after threee months i think ?
Twister Fries rocks <3
We decided to chill @ Starbucks Coffee.

We're threee babess :3
Miss the time we chill, chitchat, kisiao together <3
Feeeel warm with them.
Keeeeep on laughing :X
Mua Peppermint Mocha Frap ;3
misssssssss it now. badly! after i have it!

Sampat forever :#
hahhahahahaha our's talk so stupid actually .
Girl's talk ROFL <3

After Chill, we decided to shopping.
Goshhhh haha. i'm pooor enoughhh,

Toilet before start shopppppp!
hahaha we loook stupid.
and keeep capture @ the make up room :3
Luckily there're not many people.

Joey  Chloe  XMiin

 Lastly, we decided to buy the same colour T
We rocks Pink at last :D
The same things we done.
Keeep Laughing, Kisiao and capture inside the fittting room. ROFL
Last photo of the day. <3

My darling is going meet her boyfie 
and my dear is going to have her gathering w/le friends.
And I'm sleepy cause too late sleeep ytd :/

Have fun with them today <3 
Before back, Darling's boyfie help us took polaroid 
Heeeeeeeeeee. See ya babe next time!
Loook forward for the next gathering <3
Muahhhhh :3

by   XMiin.

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